"There are no romantic elements in Kingdom Hearts"

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bridge to terabithia more like bridge to tearing my fucking soul out.

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Toph’s blindness was one of the most excellently handled aspects of AtLA because it wasn’t treated like a disability. So often in shows (and especially children’s animation) disabled characters are limited to apperances in “very special episodes” where the main characters have to learn a lesson that these people are capable “in spite of” their handicaps, like that episode of Kim Possible wherein Kim constantly stumbles over herself around Felix. This approach is often just as insulting as making them the butt of jokes, because it’s patronizing and it limits the amount of roles disabled characters are allowed to have.

Avatar challenged that stereotype with Teo, and then sent a giant middle finger its way by introducing Toph. She’s turned what would otherwise be a disability into an advantage, and she’s not afraid to crack jokes about it. She functions well enough that the other characters often forget that she is blind, but at the same time it’s an integral part of her bending and allows her to be the greatest earthbender ever. It sends a powerful message that having a physical disability does not make you less of a person, and often affords you a unique perspective that the so-called “normal” people never get to experience.

One of the many reasons I love this show.

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It’s depressing seeing how many people give up on their dreams at a young age because they’re told to “be realistic”.

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"I meant to tell you sooner…"

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makoto isn’t there to pull you up anymore, haru

— Saix 358/2 Days

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there are so many underrated friendships in this book


there are so many underrated friendships in this book

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*thinks about fave character* *SMILES REALLY HUGE AND COVERS FACE*

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Some TWMA Icons for you and yer crew

for the love of Hans and Elsa

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Most importantly, we must never forget to believe.

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…there’s an echo of what Lily did – quite conscious echo of what Lily did right at the start of the story at the very end of the story. At the start of the story Lily dies to keep her son alive. At the end of the story, Harry lies, pretending to be dead on the ground and it’s a mother who saves him again because she’s trying to get to her own son. So that was my, you know, that was closing a circle. He was saved there by Lily and he’s saved there by Narcissa. - J. K. Rowling

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Alan Menken

the man behind the music of some of our favorite movies

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